Deborah Huxley
About Me
I have been a small business owner for almost 30 years.

In this time, I have experienced every up and every down (rock bottom down!) of owning your own business.
I want to show you how to make yours rock solid!
After several years of micro-business experience, I created a food distribution company that was successful and sold to a global company for big dollars.
Looking back… I can attribute the success of this business to the systems I put in place for the business to be able to operate without me. I was not required TO constantly micro -managing or to be heavily involved in the basic operation aspects of the business. The staff knew what was expected of them each day and the operation aspects were systemised so that I could run the business with a more hands-off approach and be hands on with raising my children .
Let me show you how you can build your "House of Bricks" and "Grow your sales" by building your business not just having a job!

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Deborah Huxley
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Every entrepreneur starts with the idea and how that idea can ignite the fire in their belly.  Taking that idea to a fully fledged creation that is not only successful but actually creates a very sustainable living for you is where I come in!  Let me take you on the journey to create the structural beginnings to ensure your idea has the capacity to Dominate Social Media and return you ROI.
Chapter 2: The Realisation
Having spent so many years struggling to run advertising and creating interest in bricks and mortar businesses prior to the internet marketing options I very quickly came to the realisation that Social Media Marketing was defineately the perfect solution to create Leads, Clients and DREAM customers that continue to support you.
Follow My Journey...
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